The item I am looking for is no longer on your website, why? All custom painted steering wheels displayed on our website are in stock and ready to ship unless otherwise noted. Any item that is no longer visible is sold out or discontinued. Please contact us either by phone or email to request any item you do not see on our website.

Do I have to have a hub adapter to install my steering wheel? Yes, you can install just a hub adapter with your custom painted steering wheel. All steering columns require a steering wheel hub adapter to convert the steering column to a 70mm six bolt MOMO pattern. Yes, you can install the steering wheel hub adapter without a steering wheel quick release. Please reference our technical support section of our website for an installation diagram.

What brand hub adapters are compatible with Avenue Performance products? All Avenue Performance custom steering wheels are designed with a 70mm PCD six bolt MOMO pattern. Many manufactures produce products that are compatible with Avenue Performance custom steering wheels. Brands such as NRG Innovations, Momo, Sparco, OMP, Splash, and Worksbell are compatible.

I have placed an order on the website and not received a tracking number, when will my order ship? All orders are processed within 2-3 business days. Any orders placed over the weekend will be addressed the following business day. All orders made after 2p.m. (CST) will not be processed and/or shipped until the following business day. Orders placed on a federal holidays will not be processed and/or shipped until the following business day. If you placed a custom order, our Customs Product Department will notify you of an estimated completion date.

What do I need to install my Avenue Performance steering wheel? To install a custom painted steering wheel setup you must have the specific steering wheel hub adapter to convert your steering column from a spline design to a universal six bolt pattern. Keep in mind that every vehicle has a different steering column with a different spline configuration, design and diameter. If you are unsure what you need for your car then please contact us at avenueperformance@hotmail.com

My horn button does not fit in the center of my Avenue Performance wheel, why? Horn buttons are held in the center by a horn retaining ring that is specific per your adapter hub. If you are running an NRG slim hub, the depth of the steering wheel hub may not allow the use of a horn at all. If you are running a quick release unit, there will be a metal c-ring that goes within the upper section of the quick release and holds the horn button. If you are using a full size adapter hub there should be a metal retainer ring that came with the hub that will mount between the hub and steering wheel which holds the horn in place.

What type of paint is used on Avenue Performance products? Avenue Performance custom steering wheels are painted with high grade automotive paint. Our different colors range from two, three, and four stage painting processes. All custom painted steering wheels are finalized with two layers of automotive clear coat with UV protective additive for a long lasting finish.

Can I request a darker or lighter stained wood wheel? Avenue steering wheel are made from real mahogany wood; therefore, due to the changing of seasons and stains per batch Avenue Performance cannot ensure you will receive a ‘lighter’ or ‘darker’ wood wheel.

How long will my painted order take to arrive? If a painted wheel can be viewed and added to the shopping cart on our website it means the product is currently in available in stock and ready to ship. Processing of your order may take 2-3 business days excluding weekends and national US holidays.

Are Avenue Performance leather wheels genuine leather? Yes, all of our leather option wheels are genuine leather.

Does Avenue Performance offer a respray painted wheel or sell touch-up paint? Avenue Performance does offer a re-spray only to Avenue Performance customers by allowing them to send in the product and have it repainted again for a low cost. Please check our website or email us for information. We also offer touch-up paint at a low cost. Please note that respray does not include touch-ups to and damage (such as nicks) to the wood.

Is Avenue Performance accepting sponsorship and how do I apply? We offer partial and full sponsorship. We are always looking to sponsor new customer and car enthusiast. You may request a sponsorship application by emailing our sponsorship department at sponsorship@avenueperformance.com.

DoesAvenue Performance take orders via phone? If you feel more comfortable talking to a live person over the phone than placing your order on our website, we will be more than happy to assist you with your purchase. If we do not answer your phone call, please keep trying. We are more likely assisting other customers or busy due to the volume of orders and questions we receive on a daily basis. We appreciate your patience and your continuous support.

I would like a custom painted steering wheel not shown on the website, can Avenue Performance make this for me? Avenue Performance works hard to provide car enthusiast, car clubs and shops custom steering wheels. We currently offer custom paint, etching and lettering/designs to single order. For collaboration orders, please contact customerservice@avenueperformance.com for information. For a custom color, etching, and lettering design please email customwheels@avenueperformance.com You may fill out the custom order form provided in our website and email it to us. Make sure you including your contact information as well as complete shipping address so we can provide you with a more accurate quote

Avenue Steering wheels are the only professionally painted steering wheels in the market. They are painted with automotive grade paint and finished with clear coated with UV protection to obtain a long lasting finish. Avenue Performance is not responsible for any changes made to your vehicle, nor with providing information or products to resolve these issues as they are entirely the responsibility of the purchaser.